Why us?

We realize that there are always cheaper options than to shop local. Here at Full Bid, we offer something big brands can't! We're local. We know the routes. We know what you want. We know what you throw. We know your names, and will "yah you!" at every HDGA, HJMDGC, ODG, and pop-up rec round on island.

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was the Hawaii Disc Golf Community.

As the saying goes, "the rising tide lifts all boats".

  • Discs

    "I have enough Discs".

    -No one

    Disc Inventory 
  • Bags

    No more plastic bags or carrying your discs in your hand. Upgrade to a big kid bag!

    Bag Inventory 
  • Carts

    Tired of carrying around 20 plus discs when you really only throw 4? Take a load off and get a cart so you can still bring everything you need so its there when you want it.

    Cart Inventory 
  • Targets/Baskets

    Need a traveler for local pop-ups? Want a target for your backyard for days you can't get to the course? Shop here for your favorite sets of chains.

    Basket Inventory 
  • Whale Sacs

    Whale Sacs

    A Whale Sac is a tie-on, whale-shaped grip bag that is designed to dry your wet/sweaty hands during activities and sports that require hand and finger grip.

    Whale Sac Inventory 
  • Accessories

    Poles, minis, Cups, patches, and all the other things you might not want to throw off the tee. Then again, anything is a putter if you are brave enough.... Can we get a TD ruling on this please?

    Disc Golf Accessories 

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